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You will find a wide range of guides that are designed to provide you with the necessary skills needed to make the most of the Library and its resources.  A complete list of guides can be found here and part of the Library portal.


Lexis Library




Law Library Videos

Library Research Guides

Eight guides that help you with the basics of legal research.

1 Getting started

2 Starting Paper Research

3 Starting On-line Research

4 Finding and updating cases (paper)

5. Finding and updating cases on-line

6 Finding and updating legislation (paper)

7 Finding and updating legislation on-line

8 Researching EU Law

Library Portal Research Guides

A complete list of guides can be found here and part of the Library portal

OSCOLA Referencing 


 Law Society Research Guides

The following guides are created and maintained by the Law Society Library

1 How to find journal articles (PDF)

2 How to find law reports (PDF)

3 How to find Public General Acts (PDF)

4 How to find Local and Personal Acts (PDF)

5 How to find statutory instruments (PDF)

6 How to research parliamentary debate (PDF)

7 How to find bills (PDF)

8 How to find precedents (PDF)

9 How to find official publications (PDF)

10 How to find Scottish law (PDF)

11 How to find Northern Irish law (PDF)

12 How to find Republic of Ireland law (PDF)

13 How to find Isle of Man and Channel Islands law (PDF)

14 How to find treaties (PDF)

15 How to trace past solicitors and law firms (PDF)

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